The students clubs are formed to hone for talent, cultivate interest in various disciplines and strengthen them as career options. The HR Club of SVIM aims at providing a platform to enhance the HR competencies and increase the arena of SVIM among professional communities and recruiters. The HR club would be thriving for discovering recent trends and developments in the field of HR through continuous learning. The club activities would help students to understand the practical applicability of the theoretical knowledge gained for the HR domain subjects. This would help the students for preparing themselves for campus recruitments. The club activities would be planned and executed by the students under the guidance of HR Club Mentors and other faculty members as facilitators or advisors.

Club Objectives
  • To nurture ethics and humanitarian approach in the club members
  • To provide a platform to the students for exercising practical aspects of human resource concepts and foster human resource management competencies.
  • To aim at training the members for modern human resource approach, develop network with HR professionals to gain information and experience.
  • To develop leadership traits in club members by letting them organize and conduct various activities and in a nutshell to inculcate the values of teamwork, sharing and learning.
Club Activities Organized


Objective: To make the students to enhance their team building skills, planning skills and optimum utilization of resources.

Activity Details:

Theme: “Team Building”

Date: January 25, 2020

Event Description: ‘Plan Your Route’ was an hour-long activity in which 75 students of BBA participated. Great participation was seen among the students as team members. The students were asked to participate in a team of six. The task was to make a minute to minute plan for the journey to reach the destination at the earliest, by planning to utilize the given resources optimally and consider the time spent in hurdles. Thirteen teams of BBA students participated in the activity.

Best performance was of the team of Aayush Sood, there team gave a detailed road map, minute to minute plan to save Rs. 40 with additional Rs. 20 cash back. The other teams those performed well were of Shlok Sharma and Khushi Mandloi. A great interest was observed among the students and faculty members. The event ended with the pursuit of holistic development of future performers.

Faculty Coordinators: Ms Khushboo Jain and Dr. Dhanashree Nagar

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students learned the skills and competencies of teamwork
  • Students identified modern approaches of optimum utilization of resources
  • Students learned about ’Division of Labor’ in teamwork
  • Students learned about implementing policies in organizational working
Club Activities Planned:

The forthcoming activities of HR Club are:

  • Arranging ‘Guest Lectures’ of industrial personnel to share their experience. This would help students get prepared to face the future challenges of job and gain practical insight for HR jobs.
  • Networking activities to help students learn to develop professional contacts and develop network with working professionals and SVIM alumni which would help students in their initial years of job.
  • Visits to organizations to help students meet top management professionals and HR executives for interactions
  • Conduction of ‘Discussion Series’ for gaining insights into contemporary topics of HR beyond the course curriculum
  • Encouraging students to conduct ‘Live Projects’ based on HR.
  • Conducting fun activities (like role play, quiz) based on HR topics (like leadership, team building) for enhancing HR competencies.
  • Ms. Khushboo Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of Management