The students clubs are formed to hone for talent, cultivate interest in various disciplines and strengthen their career options. The HR Club of SVIMS aims at providing a platform to enhance the HR competencies and increase the arena of SVIMS among professional communities and recruiters. The HR club would be thriving for discovering recent trends and developments in the field of HR through continuous learning. The club activities would help students to understand the practical applicability of the theoretical knowledge gained for the HR domain subjects. This would help the students for preparing themselves for campus recruitments. The club activities would be planned and executed by the students under the guidance of HR Club Mentors and other faculty members as facilitators or advisors.


To give every student a platform where they can enhance their Skills by active participation and develop an attitude of teamwork


Development of skilled professionals out of unseasoned students by providing them motivation, training and continuous learning for their career enhancement

Club Objectives
  • To provide a platform for exercising practical aspects of human resource concepts and human resource management.
  • To train the members for modern human resource approach.
  • To develop network with HR professionals to gain information and experience.
  • To develop leadership in club members by letting them organize and conduct various activities.
  • To inculcate the values of teamwork, sharing and learning.
HR Club Activities Organized

  • Promotional Activities
  • Promotional event of HR Club aims at acquainting the newly admitted Graduate Programs and Master Programs students with the structure of the club, the activities held under the HR Club and to share with the students the aim of the HR Club. In ‘Introduction to HR Club’ event BBA, BCA, B.Sc., MBA, M.Sc. and MCA students register for HR Club membership. Glimpses of past activities are also presented during the event.

  • Team Building Activities
  • Team building is an important aspect of Human Resource Management thus activities are organized to make the students enhance their team building skills, planning skills and learn optimum utilization of resources. Team Building activities organized were ‘Plan Your Route’ and ‘Paper Bag Making’.

  • Competitions
  • Competitions are organized to make the students enhance their presentation skills and explore more about HR by researching various organizations. Few competitions organized were on ‘HR Policies and Strategies of Organizations’ for master degree courses. For graduate degree students ‘Crafting Vision & Mission Statements and Logo Designing for HR Club’ competitions were organized.

  • Activity Based Sessions
  • Activities based sessions are organized to make the students aware of various important HR concepts through various in-between activities. Best HR Activity based sessions on ‘Leadership in Crisis’ was organized; resource person was Dr. Kshama Ganjiwale.

  • Fun-filled Activities
  • To let students learn about the important HR Concepts in a simple fun-filled manner activities are organized. A picture puzzle based activity which had five different sections based on the various ‘Cognitive Behavioral Functions’ was organized for graduate degree programs students. Through this activity students were made aware of the importance of the Cognitive Behavioral Functions in their personal and professional lives.

  • Role Play
  • Role play activities are organized to help students learn HR competencies through firsthand experience. Role play based on a case study solution for the case “The Price Of Collaboration” was organized for the MBA HR Specialization Students to help them learn various job roles and the basics of industrial relations and legislation.

  • Activity Based Workshops
  • To brainstorm the students for various HRM Practices and for good placements various workshops are organized. “Designing Training Modules” workshop was organized for MBA Courses students wherein they were guided about the basics of Training Modules and their designing. Further the students were allotted various companies and job profiles and they were required to design the Training Modules for the same. Workshop on the “Salary Negotiation” that included quizzes and worksheets was also organized. Through these activity students of BBA, B.Sc., BCA, MBA, MCA and M.Sc. were made aware of the importance of salary negotiation and what things are to be taken care of for salary negotiation while joining an organization.

    The forthcoming activities of HR Club for 2023-24:
    S. No. Activity For Event Topic
    1. MBA FT III Sem (HR) Seminar HR-Analytics
    2. MBA FT III Sem (HR) Activity Based Session Salary Negotiation
    3. BBA, BCA & B. Sc. (II & III Year) Role Play Real Corporate Scenario
    4. BBA, BCA & B. Sc. First Year Fun Activity Cognitive Behavioral Functions
    5. MBA FT III Sem (HR) Workshop Understanding Recruitment & Selection Processes - A Practical Approach
    6. MBA, MCA I Sem & BBA III Year Workshop Introduction to various HR Tools & Techniques
    7. BBA, BCA & B. Sc. (II & III Year) Mock Interviews By MBA students
    8. MBA, MCA I Sem & BBA III Year Team Building Activity Goodie Bag Skits
    9. BBA, BCA & B. Sc. First Year Team Building Activity Plan Your Route

    Club Mentors:
    • Dr. Kshama Ganjiwale, Associate Professor, Department of Management
    • Dr. Khushboo Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of Management
    • Ms. Shruti Pustake, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science