Literary Club

The purpose of the Literary Club of the best management institute is to form a better outlet for creativity of brilliant youths, insure poetic, inspirational and literary freedom, provide a friendly environment to come together and promote ingenuity and appreciation of the language in everyday life. The club is aimed a journey into the realm of the literary art that shapes the inner self, nurtures the creative thirst and sculpts the raw potential of the young ignited minds. Literary Club of the best education institute, SVIMS, is a forum where students get chance to let their vices flow, express their thoughts and share something exciting. All through the year club has planned to organize a number of activities.

Objectives of the Literary Club of one of the Best Higher Education Institutions:
  • To encourage students’ skills for creative writing and expression.
  • To enhance their thought and speech through discussions, interactive sessions and various activities.
  • To develop different perspectives of appreciation for literature in the students.
  • To introduce the students to the prosperous literature of our ancient time.
  • To act as a positive catalyst for upgrading and honing the skills of the students.
Activities Planned
The forthcoming activities of Literary Club are:
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Recitation Activities
  • Expert Lectures
  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • Group Discussions
  • Elocutions
  • Speech
  • JAM
  • Drama
  • Role Play
  • Nukkad Natak & many more..
  • Dr. Poonam Nagar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Megha A. Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of Management (PG)
  • Dr. Aradhana Bhopte, Assistant Professor, Department of Management (UG)