Marketing Club


It is expedient to define anything and specially when it is practical in nature. Marketing is easy to read but difficult to apply. Marketing is basically a part and parcel of the routine business. Marketing is lead to customer satisfaction. Marketing as a subject is different than its application. The students of marketing must equipped with marketing skills. If not, they must learn these skills like communication, interpersonal skill, platform skills and convincing capabilities. Marketing is not about only promotion of the goods and services but also it is a continuous process which starts from research and development to sales and again starts from feedback. The objectives of the marketing team must contain the customer satisfaction otherwise they are merely a sales team with the object of sales maximization. Hence, the marketing club is established to serve the below objectives.

  • To teach the students about basics of marketing.
  • To develop the student’s skills set based on marketing.
  • To create and develop the real time floor marketing programs for students.
  • To develop and create the theoretical orientation of marketing from books to ground reality.
  • To enhance the employability of marketing students.
Activities Planned
The forthcoming activities of Marketing Club are:
  • Publicity of Marketing Club Membership
  • Digital Marketing Seminar
  • Ad Mad Show
  • Poster Making Competition
  • Dr. Prashant Kushwaha, Assistant Professor, Department of Management
  • Dr. Kamlesh Malpani, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science