Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

About EDC

Entrepreneurship is a key element in the industrialization and economic progress of a nation. The institute has a strong belief that education is never complete without exposing students to the dimension of self employment. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was established with a vision of fostering innovation and promoting entrepreneurial skills development among students. EDC has a dedicated team of actively working faculty along with some student representatives. Aspiring entrepreneurs are groomed with the necessary inputs through workshops and seminars by eminent personalities from various sectors. The students are encouraged to consider self-employment as a career option by providing necessary training in Entrepreneurial skills development. EDC keeps on organizing various activities and events to train and motivate the students on entrepreneurship aspect regularly.

  • To develop entrepreneurship awareness among the students.
  • To promote and create an entrepreneurial culture in the institution.
  • To provide platform for skill development and employment opportunities for students.
Events Organized
  • Navudyami – An Entrepreneurs Meet
  • Prabodh – Lecture Series on Entrepreneurship
  • To provide platform for skill development and employment opportunities for students.

It is an annual event of Entrepreneurship Development Cell. This three-day event aims to create awareness among the students for Entrepreneur problems, challenges and reasons for success. It is a program to motivate students to become entrepreneurs and create employment in our country. On the first day of the event, experts from financial institutions like MSME (Micro small Medium Enterprises), MPCON and Banks are invited. They guide the students for Financial Strategies, Sponsors, Investors and Government Schemes to provide grant to budding Entrepreneurs. Second day witnesses young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds to guide and appraise the budding entrepreneurs with their success stories and the challenges faced by them. Students go for an industrial visit to enterprises established by MSME on the last day.


The chief Guest of the event was Mr Jagdish Verma, Chairman S. Vintage Group. Dr. Deepak Bhandari (MPCON) guided students for the opportunities in entrepreneurship today. Many young and energetic entrepreneurs were invited as panellist for discussion on the topic ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Budding Entrepreneurs in India’. The Panellists were Ms Saloni Jain, Founder, Celebrating Career, Mr Jagdish Chouhan, Founder, Divine Waste Management , Mr Jawalant Shah, Co Founder, SWAAHA, Ms Nidhi Kale, Founder, Atrangi Kona Mr Ashutosh Pasari, Founder, Pancoupe, Mr Sandeep Atre, Co-founder, CH Edge Maker. They all enlightened the students with the hardship they have gone through to become successful entrepreneurs.


Mr Sunil Sungamnerkar, Global Head, PSS Scale was the Chief Guest and Mr. Mayank Pratap, Engineer Babu was the Guest of Honour for the event. On first day, Mr Vikas Swami, Chairman MPCON Ltd took the session on Awareness of all Government and Bank policies and loan facilities for budding Entrepreneurs. Dr Priyanka Mokshmar, Co-founder, Vaayu India, took an expert session and explained about the challenges of an Entrepreneur on second day. Twelve Entrepreneurs participated in the Panel Discussion. Mr. Somil Matta, Laundry mart, Mr. Prashant, Chatar-Patar, Mr. Anubhav Dubey, Chai Sutta Bar, Ms. Aprajita Badoriya, IT Company , Mr. Mishal Jain, Oye 24, Mr. Pushyamitra Joshi, Social Entr. (Rural Mkt.g), Mr. Gaurav Padiyar, Bingage. On last day, an Industrial visit was organised for enrolled students.

Prabodh – Lecture Series on Entrepreneurship

The main objective of the series is to create awareness among students about the importance, challenges and problems of entrepreneurship. Knowledgeable and experiencedpeople from industries and corporate world are invited for Guest lectures. They provide valuable information about latest trends and opportunities in Entrepreneurship.

  1. Prabodh 2018
    • A motivational speech was given by Mr. Prem Prakash, CEO Capital Via, Indore Branch.He emphasised on the critical-thinking, managerial, communication and collaboration skills. Their project officer gave the presentation on ‘Helping hand for budding Entrepreneurs’. They offered internship to students also.
    • To understand the scope of Digital Marketing Mr. Vaibhav Daga, Director, E-vitamin Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Has been invited as resource person. He explained about the technicalities of the subject to MBA students. A quiz based on Digital Marketing and e-Commerce was also organised.
  2. Prabodh 2019
    • Dr. Punit K. Dwivedi, Group Director, Modern Group of Institutions, was invited as eminent speaker . He motivated young students to create companies that will provide long-lasting employment for the country. Entrepreneurship education benefits students from all socioeconomic backgrounds because it teaches students to think outside the box and nurtures unconventional talents and skills.
    • Mr. Rajendra Maru, CEO, Foreign Trade Management and Training Centre, Indore was the resource person to explain the Role of Entrepreneurs in Import and Export business at National and International Level. Entrepreneurs are very important in promoting imports and exports which will lead to economic development of our country.
Entrepreneurial Skill Development Activities

The main objective of the workshop is to provide adequate training to enhance talent and skills of the students and also to address opportunities and challenges to meet new demands of changing economies and new technologies.

  • One week Workshop on Business Analytics

    A week long Workshop on Business Analytics was organized for MBA students. The objective of the workshop was to develop an understanding of ‘Business Analytics’ and the importance of its practical application in the coming era of digitalization. The main purpose of the workshop was to create awareness about the concept of Business Analytics and also to motivate the students to become Business Analyst.

    The sessions were taken by Data Analyst, Industry experts, Financial experts and Academicians. They threw light on importance and practical aspects of Data Analytics in today’s world. Big Data and statistical tools like SPSS and R were also discussed during the workshop.

  • One week Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship Development Program’

    One week workshop on “Entrepreneurship Development Program” in collaboration with MSME (Micro Small & Medium Enterprises) Technology Centre, Indore organized in the Institute. The Program was sponsored under the Aegis of Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises. The main objective was to create awareness about the concept of entrepreneurship and also to learn Applications of tools and techniques of an entrepreneurial venture. The resource persons were from MSME Technology Centre.

    The sessions covered the topics: concepts of entrepreneurship and a brief about the historical background of Indian values, creativity and behavioral approach towards entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial ethics, digital marketing and Government policies, grants and subsidies for SSI Units.

  • One week Workshop on Business Plan Preparation and ‘Prakalp’-Business Plan Competition

    The main objective of organising the workshop was to support exploring creativity, innovation and employability of the youth. Every year students participate in the workshop where they prepare Business Plans (B-Plans) and they showcase their ideas in a competition ‘Prakalp’. The sessions were on Conceptualisation of Idea, Feasibility of the project, Business description, Marketing plan, Financial plan, competitive analysis etc. Experienced Resource persons took the sessions and guided the students in executing the B-Plans practically.

Team EDC
  • Dr. Deepa Katiyal, Associate Professor, Department of Management - Convener
  • Mr. Someshwar Joshi, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science - Member
  • Ms. Khushboo Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of Management - Member
  • Dr. Jagdish Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science - Member
  • Mr. Prashant Khushwah, Assistant Professor, Department of Management - Member