Women Empowerment Cell

About Committee
About Cell

The Women Empowerment Cell has been constituted to empower women socially, economically, emotionally, intellectually and politically. The Cell maintains safety and security to the girls and teaching and non-teaching women of the institute. It works to enhance understanding of issues related to women and to make the college campus a safe place for women students and faculty members. The Cell organizes varied academic, social, medical and cultural events for the upliftment of women and spread the real importance of gender equality in the society.

Objectives of the Cell
  • To empower women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems they face.
  • To conduct developmental and awareness programs for the girl students and female staff.
  • To address any complaints/grievances from girl students, female teaching staff, non-teaching staff and resolve the complaints within specific time limit.
  • To ensure confidentiality and time bound response to the complaints.
  • To foster the environment of gender equality in the campus.
Activities Organised
International Women’s Day

International Women’s day was celebrated on 8 March, 2024 by Women Empowerment Cell with the objective to felicitate women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields and to recognize and celebrate their achievements, inspire others, and promote gender equality and empowerment. The women achievers speakers were Ms. Anjana Tiwari, ACP, Indore Police, Ms. Archana Kher, Additional Advocate General, Indore, Ms. Monica Punjabi Verma, Director; Indore Deaf Bilingual Academy and Ms. Neeta Sisodia, Journalist (health), Dainik Bhaskar, Indore. These extra ordinary women speakers addressed the students and their message resonated with the audience, fostering a sense of empowerment and determination to break barriers and pave the way for greater inclusion and equality in all fields.

‘URJITA’: Self Defence Training Program

Self- Defence training program ‘Urjita’ was organized for girl students at Vaishnav Khel Prashal, in collaboration with ‘Punyathi Welfare Foundation’, as Shiv Shakti Group, wherein the team and trainers, gave self defense training during Oct 09-11, 2023. The objective of a self-defence training program was to empower the girl students with the skills, confidence, and awareness to protect themselves, make informed decisions, and enhance their personal safety in various situations. The trainer was Dr. Mala Singh Thakur, Founder of ‘Punyathi Welfare Foundation’, Indore with the team members Ms. Chetna Malviya and Ms. Aruna Naidu. Other trainers were Ms. Ashvini Pal, Ms. Vaibhavi Khudiwal and Ms. Kanisha Setpal. The girl students learned self defense techniques with Dand and without Dand.

Awareness Program “Violence against Women: Prevention and Safety”

Awareness program on the topic “Violence against Women; Prevention and Safety” for all the students was organized on February 19, 2024. The event emphasized on the importance of cognitive strength which should be developed by the girl students. The objective of the Seminar was to equip young girls with the abilities, self-assurance, and understanding necessities to safeguard themselves to make well-informed choices, and bolster their personal safety. Dr. Mala Singh Thakur, Chief Guest of the Seminar, addressed various types of oppression women encounter in various aspects of life. Dr. Mala provided insights to female students on various kinds of harassments viz. physical, mental, economic, sexual, cultural, verbal and social harassment. She also emphasised many effective strategies to confront these challenges.

Health check-up Activity - Visit of a Psychiatrist

Promoting and supporting mental health in education settings is essential for students to thrive and reach their full potential. Health checkups/ counseling were organized by Women Empowerment Cell of the Institute for the students of UG and PG programmes. A renowned Psychiatrist of Indore Dr. Shreemit Maheshwar visited the campus on November 11, 2023. The objective of the mental health check up was to promote resilience, enabling students to bounce back from setbacks, failures and difficult circumstances, allowing them to persevere and achieve their goals.

Seminar on ‘Mental Hygiene and Mental Health’

Two hour session on Mental Hygiene and Mental Health was organised by WDC Cell. Mrs. Maya Bohra, Founder and Executive Secretary, NGO Spandan was the resource person. The objective of the program was to make aware the students with the importance of mental health and mental hygiene.. It was the interactive session where Ms. Bohra discussed with the students regarding, mental health, cause of stress, mental hygiene and how to become mentally and physically fit.

Smart Girl Training Program

Smart girl training program is organized by the Cell for the girl students of all programs. The program had different modules like self awareness, communication and relationship, choices and decisions, selection of friends and self defence. It has the objective to train the girls students for difficulty situations.

Visit of Gynaecologist

The Cell organizes the regular visits of Gynaecologist by Dr. Karuna Jain, Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at Shri Cloth Market Hospital consulted the girls for female faculties and staff. Good health is of paramount importance in today’s fast-paced world. Dr. Karuna Jain individually checked and counselled the girl students of undergraduate and post graduate programmes. Some of the faculty and staff members also takes counselling from Dr. Jain.

Team Members
  • Dr. Rekha Melwani, Associate Professor, Department of Management (PG) - Convener
  • Dr. Jayesh Tiwari, Professor, Department of Computer Science - Member
  • Ms. Shruti Pustake, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science - Member
  • Ms. Dipti Talreja, Assistant Professor, Department of Management (UG) - Member
  • Dr. Sakshi Yadav, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science - Member
  • Ms. Sudha Upadhyay, Head, Librarian - Member
  • Ms. Meera Ojha, Warden, Shri Vaishnav Girls Hostel – Member
  • Dr. Mala Singh Thakur, Manager HR & PRO, AICTSL, Indore and Founder of ‘Punyathi Welfare Foundation’, Indore - Member