Business Analytics Laboratory

Analytics is a fast growing field with wide spread applications in various sectors of industry. It is the study of data through statistical and operational analysis, the formation of predictive models, application of optimization techniques and the communication of these results to the stakeholders of the organization. The upcoming industry change has created the opportunities for the budding managers to focus on data analytics tools and techniques which are relevant job-skills in today’s environment. Business Analytics lab has started with a motive to train students with analytics tools and techniques. This dedicated lab has the capacity of 60 students and is equipped with the software of data sciences tools like MS Excel, SPSS, SAS, R-programming and Python etc. The Business Analytics as a specialization covered the subjects like Predictive modeling, Statistical programming in ‘R’, Data specialization for managers, Spreadsheet modeling etc. These subjects cover various techniques and topic which actually imparts basic skills of using statistical programming, understanding of big data, and applications of business analytics in various business domains.