Physics / Electronics Laboratory

Our Institute has a well-equipped Physics and Electronics laboratory. It provides all the facilities to the students to perform experiments covering the syllabus of Bachelor of Science. The equipment for optics like spectrometer, Newton's rings, telescope, bi-prism; electronic equipment’s like diode characteristics, transistor characteristics, B-H curve, rectifiers, regulated power supply; mechanical instruments like flywheel, bar and torsional pendulum, cantilever ; heat experiments comprising of Newton’s law of cooling, Lees disc experiment ,thermocouple, thermistor, electric kettle; electrical and magnetism equipment’s like B field, frequency of alternating current, Faraday’s law, are available for the practical knowledge of the students. The students are guided to understand the applications and practical uses of different experiments and perform the experiments. We also give the practical use of the discrete components like resistors, capacitors, IC, transistor, transformers etc. The students can also make live projects in the laboratory. Working models are also prepared in the laboratory.