Training and Placement Cell

Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management & Science, Indore has always given training, placements an utmost priority and to implement it into action an exclusive Training and Placement cell (T&P) has been established with state-of-art facilities. The cell is headed by experienced professionals from Industry.

Very extensive (& intensive as well) training programmes are organized under the umbrella of T&P cell. These Programmes cater to the present and projected needs of the Industry in future.

Some salient features of these programmes are:-

  • The training programmes run through entire course duration.
  • Includes Industry oriented modules of communication skills, personality development, aptitude, logical reasoning and foundation courses on basic Mathematics.
  • Includes expert lectures from Industry professionals on advance topics and practical & application aspects of theoretical concepts.
  • To Organize Industry specific mock & online tests, mock group discussion sessions and mock interviews with the help of professionals from Industry to give realistic feel.

In addition, the T&P cell is also devoted for following activities to provide assistance for:-

  • Arranging training and visits for students in various Industries/ Educational Centres.
  • Timely guidance to the students about latest happenings in the relevant market through mailers, notices and lecture sessions.
  • Final placements in the prominent companies of various domains by holding campus placements.
Personality Enhancement Program (PEP Model)

Career readiness competencies are required to be nurtured in the students. Institute, thus implemented a PEP Model for the students to make them ready directly from Classroom to Corporate. It enables students to understand how well they are prepared to meet the global needs. More than good grades and high test scores, students who develop these skills are better positioned for success in the workplace. In the PEP Framework we identify three pillars for the holistic development of the students or to develop a Whole Student as that will illuminate three dimensions of their Professional image.

  • Project Based Training,
  • Value Based Education and
  • Personality Development Training

The objective of the Personality Development Training (PDT) is to build self-confidence, enhance self-esteem, and improve the overall personality of the students. This comprehensive program also endeavors to equip students with essential skills for navigating various job opportunities and professional settings to ensure they can make the best of their career paths. It aims at grooming the students by sensitizing them about proper behavior, socially and professionally, thereby enhancing their prospects for lucrative careers and competitive salaries in the future. Additionally, PDT emphasizes the importance of adaptability and continuous learning, preparing students for average challenges they may encounter throughout their professional journeys. The PDT module consists of the following:

  • Soft Skill Training that include preparing students for Interview, Group Discussion, Body language improvement, Resume Writing and Communication skill development
  • Domain Training include technical skill assessment as per the need of the job profile
  • Aptitude Training includes quantitative aptitude building, reasoning and English comprehension

Training & Placement Officer
Sourabh Upadhyay
Mr. Sourabh Upadhyay
Assistant Training & Placement Officer
Dipali Sharma
Ms. Pratibha Agrawal
Soft Skills Trainer
Shreya Farakya
Ms. Trapti Panwar
Soft Skills Trainer