‘Anubhooti’-Towards Empowerment
‘Anubhooti’-Towards Empowerment is a sense of deep understanding with a feeling of benevolence to help the specially-abled people.

‘Anubhooti’-Towards Empowerment is a skill development program which will provide employability skills training, to teach computer literacy and knowledge, personal social skills, with job-related soft skills like punctuality, regularity, personal hygiene and safety. It also focuses on a life skills training programme where it trains persons with disabilities in personal grooming, financial management, self-advocacy, health & wellbeing, and independent functional skills.

  1. To provide computer literacy and skills to make them economically self-dependent, boosting their confidence and helping them to cope with challenges, so that they can be an integral part of the organisation as well as contribute in nation building.
  2. To improve the quality of their life.

Encourage the differently-abled individuals to become economically self-reliant and lead a dignified life. ‘Anubhooti’-Towards Empowerment will help the beneficiaries to become the empowered citizens.


The mission of Anubhooti’-Towards Empowerment is to facilitate the development of skills among the specially-abled youth by providing them the training programs such as computer literacy and skills, soft skills, so on and so forth.


Computer training and skill development program which includes orientation, literacy and skill development for computer and English is being organized for visually impaired girls. This will empower the specially-abled girls with the knowledge and skills. The beneficiaries will become financially independent by using their knowledge to excel in their career. Anubhooti