In the present time, with the evolution of IT, many new jobs are being created. Gone are the days when limited job opportunities in the areas of medical, engineering, management were available. Even now also, having lot of scope students are having no clarity of their goals and usually they end-up doing such courses where their competency and interest do not match. Keeping the same in view, Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management & Science has taken an initiative “Paramarsh” to guide and counsel students / aspirants to have clarity about their future goals.

    Prime Objectives of Paramarsh
  • To guide and counsel the students for a rewarding career.
  • To counsel students to choose career based on their interests and opportunities available for the same.
  • Through the experienced faculty the “Paramarsh” enables the student to have a deeper understanding of difficult areas to pursue to be successful in life.

    Parents and students can visit the institute and meet our faculty counselors with prior appointment during working hours.

      Faculty Counselor for Paramarsh
      1. Dr. Pragya Sharma – 9425316066
      2. Dr. Abhikrati Shukla – 9827638804
      3. Dr. Poonam Nagar – 9893517100
      4. Dr. Jagdish Sharma – 9826179856
      5. Dr. Prashant Kushwah – 9752453250
      6. Ms. Shruti Pustake – 9425911355